Threadworm - how to diagnose

This parasite, whose name derives from the fact that children are most often infected with it, causing a disease called ascaridosis. Three are its main activities - pulmonary involvement, data on allergic reactions and symptoms of gastrointestinal tract in the late phase of the disease course.
What complications can occur in some infected ascaridosis?
In the development of the intestinal form of the disease may occur various complications that endanger the lives of the infected. This is an acute intestinal obstruction, due to the large size of detki worm. Parasites fill the lumen of the intestine and prevent movement of the intestinal contents to the lower sections of the tract.
In some cases, you may get a perforation of the intestinal wall outpouring of intestinal contents into the abdominal cavity and development of acute abdomen. This condition is accompanied by severe pain at the site of perforation, called dagger. A belly acquires hardness board that feels to the touch.
Other organs of the digestive system that may be affected are the liver, with the formation of an abscess, blockage of bile ducts, as well as involvement of the appendix with a picture of acute appendicitis.
These complications occur with jaundice, patients often spit, as in vomitus is possible to see the parasites. If vomit and aspirate parasites get into the respiratory tract, can cause suffocation.
Since the parasites affect the immune forces of the body, reduce them can be added and other infections to the authorities concerned. So it is possible to develop suppurative cholangitis, peritonitis, liver abscesses or generalized inflammation - sepsis.
How is the disease diagnosed?
Studied secretions of various organs - feces, sputum, urine, vomit and other. It is better to take samples from the environment of the diseased person. As well as soil and water in the vicinity.
A blood test if it is detected increased amount of eosinophilic cells is important to seek confirmation whether an allergy or infestation.


When affected lung, initially thought to viral or bacterial infection. But the treatment, which does not lead to take effect, and the condition continues to deteriorate. Other species infestations can also likened the clinical picture, which is caused by threadworm. These are roundworms, filariozata and others. And with the development of the intestinal form of the disease can be likened infection pork and beef tapeworm.